Erad Investment and industrial Development Co conducts comprehensive and meticulous studies of every aspect of proposed factory ideas. Our detailed project studies encompass technical, financial, and market aspects, utilizing market insights from the top five global companies specializing in market research and leverages the expertise of its specialists from the relevant field to ensure the technical feasibility.

Preliminary Studies:

Erad Consulting adopts advanced preliminary study methodologies that include testing the proposed business models through market surveys and technical due diligence and financial analysis built within a unified and coherent model that uncovers project challenges and obstacles and highlights a projects’ competitive advantages. A preliminary study is the testing phase of a project concept and it precedes the initiation of the development process. Preliminary studies save time and minimize costs by identifying potential issues early on, ensuring the project proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Detailed Feasibility Study for industrial projects:

Whether you have a plan, idea, or vision, our highly qualified team can help you shape your concepts into feasible forms. Our comprehensive range of services includes pre- and complete feasibility studies, which cover all necessary major technological and economic aspects. We combine our expertise with cutting-edge tools and methodologies to ensure that every project we undertake is thoroughly evaluated and optimized for success.

Deep Technical Analyzes of the Project Scope and Stages

Our technical services encompass a wide range of capabilities and customized solutions, including sourcing out technical experts, conducting technical studies, evaluating technology providers and raw materials suppliers, and conducting technical due diligence. We also supervise project management services for plant foundation, engineering, and building construction, as well as assisting in production line selection, installation, commissioning, and handling, supporting new manufacturing facility in obtaining quality certificates for end products and supervise initial operations to ensure successful launch and continued success. 

Business License and Documents Extraction:

The project development journey involves several stages and procedures that require the submission of various documents and licenses to government agencies and other related parties. These documents are necessary to complete the required procedures and obtain the legal papers necessary for the project. At Erad Consulting, we specialize in extracting the necessary documents and providing essential data and information to the relevant authorities. Our team has the experience and expertise to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and ensure that all required documentation is provided in a timely and efficient manner, while saving time and resources.

Selecting The Ideal Technology and Methodology for Production:

Selecting the most ideal production technology and methodology is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of a project. Erad’s technology selection process involves evaluating the benefits and limitations of different technologies and methodologies, and assessing their compatibility with the project’s objectives and requirements. Ultimately, the chosen technology and methodology should be capable of delivering high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively, while also being adaptable to changing market conditions and future growth opportunities. Erad assists its client by selecting the right production technology and methodology, so the businesses can achieve optimal performance and competitiveness in their respective markets.

Project Land Allocation

The site selection process is a critical factor in determining the success of a project. Several factors, including logistics, government facilities, and resource availability, directly impact the selection process. Erad conducts a thorough analysis of these factors to identify and select the most suitable location based on the project’s objectives, infrastructure, and future development plans. The nature of the project is also considered, ensuring that the selected site is compatible with the project’s requirements. Erad experts provides comprehensive solutions for site evaluation, project costing, and pre-construction services. We are committed to delivering exceptional services that help our clients achieve their goals.