Investment Advisory

We conduct comprehensive analyses of investment opportunities in the industrial sector, aligning with current market trends and the priorities of government and private financial institutions. Our team is dedicated to developing optimal investment strategies and analyzing the most effective distribution of capital ratios to maximize returns on industrial investments.


At Erad, we have developed dynamic calibration models capable of studying and analyzing investment opportunities in all forms. Our approach involves a thorough examination of each approved criterion to explore and prioritize opportunities based on our investment vision, enabling an accurate comparison of available options. Our comprehensive analysis considers all factors that impact project efficiency, including production efficiency, absorptive efficiency, economic efficiency, and sustainability. This approach ensures that we identify and prioritize the most appropriate opportunities with the potential to deliver optimal outcomes.

Capital Structure Study

Our capital structure consultancy service helps businesses optimize their financing mix to achieve their goals. We take a customized approach to each engagement based on the specific needs of the business, analyzing its financial position and considering factors such as cash flow, debt service coverage, and credit rating to determine the most effective capital structure. Our tailored solutions maximize value and help clients achieve their long-term goals, delivered with a commitment to excellence and close collaboration.

Due Diligence for the investment Opportunities

Erad conducts comprehensive financial and technical audits of investment opportunities, meticulously scrutinizing all aspects of the opportunity to identify potential risks and opportunities to maximize value. Our audit reports prioritize transparency and provide detailed insights into information accuracy and procedures required for effective risk management. Our focus on precision and quality enables informed decision-making and risk mitigation for our clients.