Project Funding

At Erad, we specialize in securing project funding from diverse sources, including government-funded sectoral programs, commercial banks, strategic and financial investors, and other funding sources. Our team of experts leverages their extensive network and expertise to identify and engage with potential funding sources to ensure that project funding is secured from well-suited financial investors with a proven track record of success.

Design and Supervising the Funding Structure:

Funding entities have diverse funding models and requirements, which necessitates a deep knowledge of their internal regulations and accreditation mechanisms. By having a thorough understanding of a project, Erad can help avoid a long journey of internal reviews and evaluations by the funding entity, and pave the way for a more efficient and effective analysis required to overcome the obstacles unique to this funding stage. Our team provides accurate and comprehensive reports to facilitate the reviewing and approval process, ensuring timely and successful project funding.

Financial Analyzing and Modeling:

Our financial experts offer comprehensive analysis and modeling services to help industrial clients make informed decisions. With extensive experience in capital analysis and modeling, we provide tailored project structures. Erad is well-versed in funding agencies and their requirements, having executed multiple successful financing transactions for industrial projects over two decades.