What We Do?

Erad Investment and Industrial Development Co is a leading player in the industrial development and investment sector, committed to supporting the manufacturing industry in achieving its vision objectives and building the factories of the future across diverse fields. Erad Co has adopted a holistic approach to efficient and effective project planning and development, which enhances the added value of each project and ensures its success. This approach is underpinned by the company’s deep understanding of the needs of the manufacturing industry and its ability to anticipate and respond to emerging trends and challenges. By leveraging its extensive expertise and network, Erad Co is well-equipped to move confidently into the future, not just in terms of developing new factories, but also in creating innovative industrial concepts that align with the objectives and aspirations of Vision 2030.

Erad undertake all activities related to industrial development operations, the main activities of which are as follows:

Strategic Project Assistance
Investment Advisory
Project Implementation
Project Funding